Nature Based Play

Involving your children in nature-based-play is the modern mother’s goal, right? It certainly seems so if you do any Insta-scrolling or Facebooking in your spare time.

So, if you want to get some insta-worthy photos this spring (come on, who doesn’t!), why don’t you get your kids out in the backyard helping you with some spring cleaning! They can do simple, safe tasks like:

  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Collecting sticks
  • Spreading mulch
  • Planting next season’s veggies

AND, add a “life lesson”: give them a dollar for each task completed (sometimes we all need a little motivation!). This will also help teach them that work equals money, which is an important lesson for any little one to learn!

To continue your child’s financial education all year round, the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL) recommends opening a savings account. According to a recent study, youth with the highest levels of financial understanding had a savings account as a child.

Talk to your school office about opening an LLL Children’s Saving Account, or visit www.lll.org.au/child for more information. And while you’re online, follow the LLL on their newly created Facebook page.


Image credit: Alexander Dummer

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