Getting Involved

As students from Connected Schools move from Primary to Secondary schooling they often have concerns. Will it be just all study and homework? Will I still have fun? How will I make friends?  What is there to do at lunch time? What new things can I try out? Parents might also have concerns like how will my child overcome shyness? Take initiative? Will they be daunted or excited by a new school environment? Will they make an effort to try something new at lunch time? How will they organise themselves?

There are many opportunities for students to develop in all aspects of their lives.  Whilst academic development is crucial and central to the mission at Endeavour College, it has been impressive to observe students engage in deep, rich learning outside of the classroom.  Our Term 1 co-curricular program offered experiences in a wide range of activities for students to reinforce values and offer opportunities for building relationships with peers and teachers such as:

  • Chapel and Worship
  • Year 7 Camp
  • Ingle Farm Breakfast Program
  • Swimming and Athletics Carnivals
  • Year 8 ‘Discovery’ and ‘Adventure’ days
  • Service Learning Program
  • Music ‘Big Day In’ and Centre Stage Concert

In addition, all students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities. Every student has a chance to try something new and get involved in a special interest area of their choice. Through these activities, students discover positive things about themselves, experience growing self-esteem, confidence, competency and maturity. They also learn about time management skills, long term commitments and the value of making a contribution through activities like:

  • SRC representatives and Middle Years Village Leaders
  • International Women’s Day Breakfast
  • Harmony Day
  • Hosting students in Japanese exchange program
  • Community Swimming, Netball and Basketball teams
  • Lunch time Clubs – Anime, Coding, Chess, Uno, Writing, Revival, Theatre
  • AV Team

As a parent of two primary school aged boys, this is what I want for them in their school lives.  Don’t get me wrong, their learning inside the classroom is very important to me, but it is the ‘incidental’ learning which takes place during co-curricular activities, excursions, school events and even during lunch breaks, that I value highly.  This is where young people have the opportunity to develop their identity and to let their God-given abilities shine in a positive way.

I would like to encourage parents and students to continue to look for ways to be involved in the wider school community.  The rewards are endless.

Simon Maddern
Acting Director of Middle Years, Term 1
Endeavour College


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