The Power of Yet – Telling the Story

Being involved in the performing arts gives students experiences that engage the whole person, through acting, dance and drama, while working together to create a live production with a powerful message. St Paul Lutheran School Year 5 &6 students performed recently in Division 3 Wakakirri Performance at the Entertainment Centre. Wakakirri is a performing arts and storytelling festival for primary schools all around Australia. Students told the story of ‘The Power of Yet’.

Their story overview stated….
‘I can’t do it’ ‘It’s too hard!’ Thinking like this actually stops us from getting better. Through the amazing ‘Power of Yet’ we can have a positive mindset and learn, grow and achieve. It’s not that you can’t do it, you just can’t do it yet!

St Paul Lutheran School won the state award for ‘Best Mental Health Story’ and other awards for the Cast/Ensemble, Choreography, Combination of Dance and Drama, Concept and Well-Rehearsed Performance. Wakakirri has announced that the school has been nominated for the National Award for ‘Best Story of the Year’. What an achievement!

Jason Fay
Director of Learning
St Paul Lutheran School




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