Students share their learning

As educators, we are constantly thinking of ways to communicate with parents/caregivers about their child’s learning journey. Parent teacher interviews are important forums to discuss the progress and outcomes of student learning.

In addition to this, we wanted to build an opportunity for parents/caregivers to hear from their children what they have been learning, in their own words. So we at Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School started a new initiative this year, Student Led Conferences. Students and their teachers reflected on their learning and thought about ways to share their work in English, Maths, Unit of Enquiry (across disciplines) and a specialist area of Art, Japanese or PE.

The children across the school were so excited to have their parent/caregiver come into their ‘space’ to discover more about their classroom and to present their work. We had students explaining new maths discoveries, reading their narratives (stories) and showing just how much research they put into their projects. It provided children with an authentic opportunity to take ownership and pride in what they have learnt as they shared with their parents/caregivers.

Ruth Carter
PYP Coordinator
Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School


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