Skipping into life

All schools value the physical and social development of students and are keen to offer their students opportunities to develop fitness, coordination and teamwork. Skipping is a highly valued activity at Good Shepherd, and historically has been strongly supported by parents who volunteer to coach the skipping team. Our skippers enjoy training together once a week, where technique is refined, fitness grown and choreography creatively developed. Our skipping team is generally made up of senior students who grow other aspects of their character too, such as resilience, courage, risk taking, collaboration and communication. Our skippers travel around Adelaide giving demonstrations in schools and encouraging others to take up skipping.

Health and PE promote more than just the physical: with a focus on well-being through our school, skipping is one way our students can experience the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational which are all strongly connected.

I am excited that across our Connected Schools,  students have many varied opportunities to grow their whole self, through Health & PE. To develop knowledge, understanding, skills, resilience, a sense of self and relationships is one big reason to celebrate!

Karen Schoff
Director of Learning
Good Shepherd Para Vista

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