Receptions Navigating their First Year of Primary School

Schools are regularly celebrating student progress and achievements. Here is an example from Golden Grove Lutheran School, where they celebrated their Reception students and their families near the end of their first year of primary school.

As part of our outdoor education program the Reception students experience an afternoon of fun and a BBQ tea with their families at school.

It was a ‘P’ occasion, with pirates and princesses. Students had to ‘walk the plank’ before meeting the head pirate for further instructions. Then it was onto making parrots that perched on their shoulders, paper swords and hats to sail the mighty sea, sticking the treasure chest on the pirate map, pinning an eye patch on the pirate parrot, making princess hats and puppets. Later the students followed the pirate clues and collected items on a well-designed, exhausting and sometimes tricky treasure hunt.

This was another great opportunity to build relationships within our community and to celebrate just how far our Receptions have come in only three terms.

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