Performing Arts Workshop

On Tuesday, 15 November, St Paul hosted a Performing Arts workshop for the Connected Schools group. Five students from St Paul participated as well as students from Good Shepherd, Golden Grove Lutheran and Endeavour College. We started off by doing activities to get to know each other, and then we split into three groups based on dance, drama and music.

The dance group had to create a Flash Mob to teach the other students and then perform later. The drama group had to create a commercial and video it and the music group had to create a jingle and then record it. All the activities had a focus on protecting the environment for the future. We performed the Flash Mob on the tennis courts and also in the staff room. We even did some performances after lunch in classrooms. The drama group created a commercial about a boy who wants to go to the zoo to see the elephants but finds out that they’re extinct. The music group created a jingle to the song ‘Hello’ by Adele about animal extinction. A lot of people joined in and played more than one instrument in the song. At the end of the day, we all came together to do the final recording of the jingle and watch the commercial before the other schools left. The Performing Arts day was a great opportunity to create new friendships and learn about acting, dancing and music.

Madison C & Jackson W
Year 6 students
St Paul Lutheran School.

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