Making tea cups

Each year senior art students, together with Art teachers Andrew Harten and Annalisa Sheridan from Endeavour College visit each of Connected primary schools to conduct an Art Workshop with Year 4 students.

This year students were given a cardboard net of a vintage tea cup, which had been laser cut at the College. Torn pieces of pages from old paper back novels were given to students to create paper mâché tea cups that will be a feature in Endeavour’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed Art Showcase in Term 4.

Students enjoyed getting their hands into glue to build up their tea cup. Over the next few weeks, primary students will finish off their tea cups with decorations. Year 4 Teacher Jess Denko saw how the Year 4 students loved working with High School students, chatting while doing the art activity. Endeavour students also enjoyed the experience, interacting with younger students, encouraging them to be on track and talking about their experiences of primary school. Everyone agreed it was a good time together. We can’t wait to see the finished products.

Jess Denko
St Paul Lutheran School


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