Kindergarten Update

The 2017 Kindergarten year has started well, with our 77 children settling in well. The majority of parents come to the kindergarten because it offers Christian preschool education or they have heard from friends that it is a good kindergarten with a diverse and engaging program. Many parents start their connection with the kindergarten, by coming along to playgroup.

We have looked at Jesus’ birth, miracles and the Easter story. New Bibles have been donated by Salisbury Lutheran Church. Children will be presented with their new Bibles at Church for Kids on Friday, March 24th.

We have had a couple of special events this term, a puppet show about being sun-safe and Family Twilight Kindy sessions. Our learning program has included children’s interests, such as cars and transport, dinosaurs through drawing, activities and sensory play. We are participating in the “Eat a Rainbow” program, which emphasises healthy food, especially eating fruit and vegetables of various colours.

Jenny Schapel
Salisbury Lutheran Kindergarten


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