Investigating flight

Connected Schools work together to improve outcomes for all students in the Connected Schools learning community. A small group of Year 5 – Year 8 students recently met at Endeavour College to join with representatives from other Connected Schools for an enrichment program targeted to high achievers, especially in relation to Science. With a focus on physics, students were involved in hypothesising, testing and evaluating concepts.They found out for themselves how changing the dimensions and properties of paper planes changes the flight time, speed and direction.

This is what three of our students had to say:

“The whole day was about flightMr Marcus got us to make paper helicopters. We tried to see if they could fly, then we got to time them to see how long it took for them to land… Miss Grey got us to make tumble wing gliders. We tested them to see if they could turn in the air and it worked. Miss Grey got tea bags and then she opened them up and set them on fire, it soon went up into the air and all us kids were amazed at seeing hot air rising. My favourite part of the day was when we got to make our own paper planes. It was so much fun!”  Chelsea

“…We did these mini experiments that used different things like balloons, straws, empty cans, and lots of other things. One of the experiments was putting a ping-pong ball in a funnel, and we had to blow through the funnel and see what the ping-pong ball would do. For each experiment, we would write a prediction of what we thought would happen, and then we would do the activity and write what happened. My favourite part of the day was designing new paper planes.” Gracie

“The Endeavour science program was an experience never ventured before… I felt at home with the other primary students who were attending the program and the students from Endeavour. The teachers encouraged us to be creative and they were informative yet so kind at the program.” Eli

Helen Vonow
Assistant Principal
St Paul Lutheran School

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