Connecting through Art

For the Connected Schools Art workshops this year, Andrew Harten, Art Learning Leader at Endeavour College was inspired to explore our connections. Using the laser cutter machine in the Design and Technology Centre, he produced a large wooden jigsaw puzzle piece for all of the 180 primary students in selected classes at Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School, Good Shepherd Lutheran School and St Paul Lutheran School.

On the visits to primary schools last week, Endeavour student volunteers assisted primary students in creating a college about ‘Your story’. Over a lesson, the students created a layered mixed media collage, using patterned paper, photos, images and words that reflected themselves, their family and favourite things. To see each student’s unique puzzle piece collage, was truly an amazing display of creativity and individuality. All of the jigsaw puzzle pieces will be connected together for our Arts Showcase on Thursday, 17 November. School groups will be visiting during the day and the Showcase is open to the community in the evening.

Julie Freund
Community Coordinator
Endeavour College

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