Best Science Excursion Ever

To conclude their Science unit on “Heat” the Year 3 teachers at St Paul Lutheran Primary School wanted to provide their students with authentic experiences to measure and explore the way heat is created and transferred.

Enter Gavin Marcus and his magnificent team of scientists at Endeavour College, Mawson Lakes. Cleverly utilising Year 9 Endeavour students, as well as staff, they were able to engage the younger learners by providing experiments in small groups with peer tutoring and supportive supervision as well as short demonstrations.

From the hands-on fun of “Elephant Toothpaste” to the thrills of Hydrochloric Acid and 3-D printers, the St Paul students were treated to a smorgasbord of scientific experiences. With an Endeavour-made whistle for everyone and a yearning for more scientific explorations, the young scientists said farewell to Mr Marcus and his team. The excursion brilliantly highlighted the strength of Connected Schools as the young St Paul students had the “best Science excursion ever” in a caring and familiar environment.

Armin Mayer
Year 3 Classroom Teacher
St Paul Lutheran School




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