Connected Schools Worship joy

Behold! Celebrating our Connectedness

Behold! The Connected Schools Worship Service took place on Friday 16  August and provided an opportunity for students in Years 4-8 in our Connected Schools to join together in an energetic and interactive service. Each school had a group which led singing, provided a drama piece or thoughts about bible passages of Behold!, where God tells us of his great love for us.

After the worship, students enjoyed a muffin and fruit drink whilst catching up with old friends, brothers and sisters. Year 4 students stayed at Endeavour and took part in the `Race around Endeavour’ and a sample lesson with their Year 9 student guides. These activities included acting a superhero,  playing a matching memory game to learn the names of colours in German, being a scientist in capturing the reaction in a balloon from mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, and making flower prayers that floated in water.



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