Art Enrichment Day

On Monday, August 21, a group of 16 keen artists met at Good Shepherd to extend their skills, wonderings and thinking in the area of visual arts.

Led capably by Mrs Helane Jaensch, who was supported by her husband Chris, students were immersed in discovery and collaboration. We celebrate the connected schools learning programs which give the opportunity for growth and learning.

Here we share with you some of the Students comments from the day:

“Today was one of the most fun days of my life! I made many friends on this enrichment day.”

“It helped me learn how to blend colours to make different effects in my work.”

“Today I had so much fun! It was a calming day to work. I never thought I would be able to do this.”

“At the start of the day I felt nervous as I didn’t know many people but by the end of the day, I wanted the day to continue.”

“I was inspired by the art work of other students and artists.”

“We learnt to take risks in our work and to try new things. I found this difficult but still tried. I think this improved my work as it made it look exciting.”

“I could be creative and use my imagination. I felt I received good feedback which helped improve art works.”

“I would like to do this again.”

“We did some group games to break the ice.”

“It was good to meet new people and work with them. I got to work in a completely new place and it was awesome!”

“Today was an inspiring day creating new art.”
“I felt really happy about this art.”

“I had to be brave and put water on my work. I enjoyed learning and spending time with different people.”

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