A Revolution by Design: Spaces for Learning

If you were to look into any of our Connected Schools, you would find something unique, something quite different to our adult experience of education. There is a revolution happening.

Our Connected schools are places of learning which focus on the needs of learners in creative and comfortable ways.  Providing flexible learning spaces, our schools acknowledge and value the journey of each student by providing opportunities for students and teachers to work together collaboratively. Spaces and furniture can be arranged easily to suit the needs of learners, and the activity which is being undertaken. Our students are encouraged through their environment and a focus on personalised learning experiences to be creative, collaborative, problem finders and solvers, innovators and thinkers.

The revolution becomes obvious when you walk through our spaces, peer into nooks and corners to discover how we are promoting students to think about their optimal use of resources/space/time in setting goals for their learning. We call this visible learning. Student learning is visible to teachers. Student learning is also visible to other students, so they are empowered to develop skills for lifelong learning.

This revolution has been bubbling away for awhile, as teachers and leaders have gathered data and immersed themselves into global research, developing the values and underpinning statements/pillars/principles for learning.

At the beginning of this new year, we are excited to offer unique learning journeys for all students of our Connected schools.

Karen Schoff
Director of Learning
Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Para Vista

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