Your questions answered

Why not one larger, K-12 school instead of 5 separate sites?

We believe that smaller, more intimate sites, serving families with specific local contexts provides a better educational experience for students and their families. We purposefully build opportunities for staff, students and families to engage and connect with each other throughout each school year, giving students at each campus access to the programs and resources that the other campuses have.

How do students at Connected Schools benefit from this community?

Benefit from our connectedness are seen in all areas of or students’ lives, academically, socially and spiritually.

Students have access to a broad curriculum at each of our schools, and this is enhanced as we are able to share knowledge, resources and experiences across our sites.  Our primary students will get to sample secondary school subjects and spend time at the high school, getting to know each other, teaching staff and to become familiar with the processes of secondary school well before they reach Year 7.

Our connectedness extends to our faith. Each school has a shared vision of the spiritual journey our students will take and we work together to make sure a consistent approach to their Christian living. During the school year our students will attend many services and events that aim to enhance the sense of community through our combined faith.

What Connected Schools events are held during the year?

Students at Connected Schools attend many events each year from Combined Worship Services, Art Workshops and Athletics Events. Our aim is to give students and their families many opportunities to engage as members of our connected community.

For more information on what may be coming up please have a look at our events page, here we will list Connected Schools Events and specific events of interest that are planned at each of our sites.

Is there transport between Connected School sites?

Yes, there are bus services that run between some of our campuses allowing students to travel from one Connected School Site to their current school. Please contact your preferred Connected School to find out which services currently exist.

Why Year 7 in High School?

With the introduction of a national curriculum, all Year 7 students need access to specialist teachers who are often only available in secondary schools. With this in mind we have developed a ‘Middle Years’ program supporting our Year 7 students with core teachers as well as access and engagement across a wider curriculum. Year 7 Students at Endeavour College are able to experience subject areas such as Science, Design and Technology, The Arts, Food Technology, Languages and Physical Education.

South Australia is now the only Australian state where primary school extends to Year 7. We feel that by making this change we are providing students at Connected Schools with the same educational opportunities that students in other Australian states are able to access.

How can I prepare my Year 6 child for secondary school?

Schools and families have always worked together to help children as they progress from Primary to Secondary School.

Secondary school principals and staff are experienced in helping students settle into their new environments. Endeavour College staff build on transition programs already in place, refining and adding to these to better suit Year 7 students. We have found that the experiences and familiarity students receive being part of the Connected Schools community greatly assists in our students preparation to secondary college.

Download specific arrangements to support the transition from primary to secondary