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Skills for the future: Risk being wrong

When schools talk about changing the way learning occurs to prepare students for the future, key components of this process are¬†encouraging students to take risks and learn from their mistakes.¬†When many parents went to school, myself included, there seemed to be a greater focus on right and wrong answers. Kathryn Schulz, an author in the…

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From the Archives

As the Connected Schools Brand now replaces LENS we thought it was only fitting to take one last look at LENS. Going through the archives we found the LensLink Newsletter from Term 4 2013 and thought it was a great way to show where we have come from as LENS. We hope you enjoy this…

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Year 7 Transition to High School

In 2010 The Connected Schools group, commenced a feasibility study into the inclusion of Year 7 students into a Secondary School setting. While nationally this is the norm, most Year 7 students in South Australia are still in a primary school setting. The finding of our study showed that there were many benefits to be…

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