Creative Writing Workshop

Twenty-three students from Year 5 – 7 from Connected Schools attended a Creative Writing Workshop at Endeavour College as part of our Enrichment Program. Students learnt interesting ways to start narratives, how to create authentic characters and techniques to improve sentence structure. In collaborative writing groups, students developed stories describing an incredible mission to explore…

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Launch makes the Messenger

We were thrilled when the Messenger arrived at our recent Connected Schools Launch, writing a great article, accompanied by an incredible picture of Endeavour College Principal, Heather Vogt, and students from all 5 of our Connected Schools.

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Connected Schools Combined Launch

On Wednesday 11th November 2015 staff from all 5 LENS schools attended a special presentation at Endeavour College. Connected Schools was officially unveiled to staff during a presentation from Principals and council members from each school. A brief history was given outlining how the LENS (Lutheran Education Northern Suburbs) Association had been formed, the common…

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